Saturday, January 29, 2011

WiFiACE issues and help

Quick post.

If you use WiFiACE and it doesn't work or you have any problems and need help using it, you can email me at the address I've put on the Market and I'll try to help you configure your networks.

If you instead believe that the issue you're having is caused by a bug in the application, create a new issue in the issue tracker in Google Code, and email me after you've done that. I'll look into it ASAP.


  1. Your app works perfect for me on my phone, but I need an app for a tablet to do the same thing. Any chance of getting it ported to work on a Viewsonic Gpad or maybe just getting the apk outside of the market to force it onto my tablet.

  2. The app can be downloaded on the Google Code project page in the Downloads section.

  3. Just bought a HTC Desire Z,

    hidden SSID's do not connect.

    Downloaded this ....

    deleted all the set networks...

    Now hidden networks work like a breeze...


  4. I has a problem with a Samsung Galaxy ACE. It´s seem the problem with the wifi wpa and the Key Renewal:3600 in my router linksys. Your program would fix this? Thank,

  5. marcus i can't connect to my office wifi, how do i use this? it is quite complicated. contact me at

  6. Hi,
    I need help with configuring an enterprise wifi network. I can make Linux connection to the network and can send you a network-manager configuration screen capture. Please contact me at: dani< at >

  7. WiFiACE succeeded where others failed - thank you!

  8. Hi Marcus.
    I just got the razr M. I'm trying to connect to my officE wifi and found out that this is the new OS and not compatible with your app. I have to have your app to connect. Do you have any Ideas for me? Thanks!! Kelly