Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Post

Not much to say.

I'm Marcus905, a SysAdmin and a wannabe Android Developer. Here you'll find my stories and experiences about using and developing for Android and managing networks and servers, all of this with the occasional story coming right from the Server Room at the University I work for ($U from now on).

Stay tuned!


  1. You provide no way to contact you other than blog comments.

    I tried the wifi advanced config app and it doesn't work for me on my Samsung Galaxy S. When I enter the details of my work wifi the settings do not seem to get saved and connection to the LEAP protected wifi fails.

  2. Thanks for your report! I'm looking into it now!
    I've now added the Google Code project link in the bar at the right where you can report any other issue you have.

  3. Oh, BTW you can also send me an email at the address in the Market app page!

  4. Bugfix uploaded to market.

    It was a small typo in the Java Reflection part of code that prevented the app to work.
    (I should get my eyesight tested.)

  5. hi Marcus
    same problem with xperia mini.
    I cannot save profile. it is very useful for eduroam
    that we use at our university.
    we need wpa2 enterprise settings for eduroam
    to work.